FTA for Africa

In this site, I will discuss about all Free to air satellite for Africa.

I thought there’d be some people like me here who likes TV so much but can't afford pay TV. Free-to air satellite TV is an option.The TV channels you will have to receive depend on the size of dish you're using and also the satellite it is faced to. You have the choice of Ku band which usually needs the 90cm dish but the number of stations you will receive wont be much. If you're using 1.8m or 2.5m dish u will need C-band LNBF and that means more stations. Depending on the satellite, it can be as much as 40 to 80 channels for 1.8 and 2.5 m dish respectively. You have to bear in mind that what you're using is free-to-air and not pay TV, the type of channels you might receive will not be the best but they will be worth it. You will be Glad of what you did at the long run. I’d advise you to try FTA. All you need is just the money for the equipment, VIZ: Dish, LNBF, Receiver (Decoder), and RF cables. It’s cheaper than you can imagine. A 90cm dish costs only 50USD. A dual KU band LNBF for the 90cm dish is only 10USD and the receiver (decoder) is only 100USD. A roll of RF cable is about 10USD and that’s all you need for a Ku band FTA reception. For 1.8cm dish C-band reception, your dish will cost 100USD and the C-band LNB costs 20USD. If u want 2.5m dish (the black net type) the only difference is in the dish and it costs just 200USD. You will use the same LNB with that of 1.8cm. With C-band dish, there are a lot of choices you will have depending on the satellite want. Currently am using a 1.8m dish which is installed both a c-band LNB and attached a KU BAND LNBF by the side enabling it to get reception from to satellites, PAS 10 and Intel sat 902 both in the east.Don’t go to people who are into the installation business, the price might be at a higher price. Go to any major electronics market in your city to get them. Installation is easy. Just assemble the dish with the manual, mount the LNB/F on the dish and connect the RF cable to it and then connect the end of the cable to your receiver (decoder). Connect the Video and audio outputs from the receiver to the appropriate ports of your TV.You are ready to start; put on everything (TV and receiver) with the remote control, go to the installation menu of your receiver and put in the TP frequency and Symbol rate of the channel in the satellite you wish to locate. (Some websites where you can get these frequencies for free abound, the most popular is http://www.lyngsat.com/ ) when you're sure you have put in the correct TP and SR, go to your dish which you must have positioned in the mounting pole and start turning. With your primary geography you should know where east and west is. If the satellite is in the east face your dish in the east. Don’t adjust the elevation of the dish for now. (Elevation is the up and down movement of the dish). Make the dish stand parallel to your mounting pole. Now start adjusting the azimuth (azimuth is the side by side movement of the dish). Move from one side of the east to the other. if possible start from west . While you're doing this your eyes must be fixed at the installation menu being displayed by now on your TV. If your LNBF is good, if you move the dish slowly from east to west, there must be a point at which the signal strength will rise sharply. Try to move back and forth to locate this point. When you have done this, Screw the bolt that controls that azimuth movement and then go to the one that controls the elevation movement. Slowly again move the dish upwards until it gets to a point where the signal strength will rise very well. That’s the position of the satellite you're looking for. Remember if you have equipment that locates satellite (spectrum analyzer) you don't need all the stress.When you compare these prices with that of pay TVs you will understand what you have to gain bearing in mind that you do not have to pay anybody for anything ever!For those of us who will be ticking to ask, am not selling the equipment or in business of installation . So I have nothing to gain in all this. I'm just giving back what I have learnt for free. But if you have any problem in installation and think you might need help, reply or mail me. Next, I will list some of the satellite you can receive from Africa, Middle east and Europe

Names of Satellite, position, Frequency, Simbol rate, polarity and the size of dish


INTELSAT 7/10 @ 68.5 Deg East C BAND BEAM! and KU BAND BEAM!

Available free channels on C band: Frequency, Polarity simbol rate, and FEC

DM Digital World 3661 V 14074 -3/4
Noor TV
Aapna Des
DM News Plus World
NHK World TV 3744 H 16180 ½
God TV Asia
Supreme Master TV
ARY Digital Asia 3864 H 19850
The Musik
ARY One World

KBS World 3931 H 6510 ¾
DD Bharati 4034 V 19559 ¾
DD Sports
DD India
DD News
Al Jazeera English 4064 V 19850 7/8
B4U Movies India
B4U Music India
EWTN Africa & India
CCTV 4 9 E and F 4084 V 9375
Geo TV 4124 v 19850 -3/4
Geo News
Aag TV
Geo Super
Available free channels on KU band 68.5 deg east

NTA Plus 12522 H 26657 -1/2
France 24 English
God TV Africa 12562 H 26657 -1/2
Deya Broadcasting Network
Apostolic Oneness Network
Press TV
3ABN International
The Word Network
Supreme Master TV

ManáSat 1 12575 V 3378 -3/4
ManáSat 2
Tourism & Trade Channel 12682 H 26657 -1/2
Daystar TV
Divine Truth
Thy Kingdom Come
Emmanuel TV
Adonai Broadcast Network

CNBC Africa 12722 V 26657 -1/2
TCT World
Hope Channel
The Spirit Word
NSS 703 @ 57 Deg east C BAND BEAM

Available free channel on C band

VoA TV Africa 4055 R 26000 -1/2
VoA TV Africa
Available free channels on KU band for South Africa

BTV (Bulgaria) 12551 V 9404 -3/4
Eurotic TV Astra
Turksat 1C/2A @ 42 Deg East SEE THE BEAM! .
Strictly for Europe and North Africa, with analogue receivers

PAKSAT 1 @ 38 deg East C BAND BEAM only.
Available free channels on C band

VTV 1, 2, 3, 4 3411 H 13000 -3/4
G Kaboom 3815 H 4666 -3/4
Punjab TV 3886 H 6200 -3/4
ARY Shopping Channel 3968 H 11481 -3/4
Fashion TV Pakistan

Eutelsat W3A @ 7 deg East KU BEAM . only

Available free channels on KU band

TV Malagasy 10976 H 3333 -1/2
TVP Polonia 11175 V 27500 -3/4
TVP Kultura
TVP Historia
MBC 2 11190 H 3210 -1/2

M6 Suisse 11283 V 27500 -3/4
Extra 3 11345 H 27500 -2/3

Direct 8 12728 H 30000 -5/6
MTA International
MSNBC Africa

INTELSAT 1R @ 45 deg West C BAND BEAM only

Available free channels on this beam

CCTV 4 and F 11510 H 26693 -5/6

NILESAT 101 @ 7 deg west KU BAND BEAM only

Up to 300 free channels are available on this satellite, which include
MBC 1, 2, 3 4,
MBC action and more. VIEW ALL CHANNELS HERE!


INTELSAT 907 @ 27.5 deg west C BAND BEAM and KU BAND BEAM

Available free channels on C-band

VoA TV 1 2 3 3762 R 30491 -3/4
Alhurra Iraq
Alhurra Europe
RTP Internacional Europa 3841 R 10850 3/4
RTP África
RTP Internacional Ásia/Oceânia
NTA Plus 4060 L 5632 3/4


NSS 7 @ 22 deg west C BAND BEAM and KU BAND BEAM

Available free channels on C band

TV 5 Monde Afrique 3650 R 27500 -3/4


CNN International Europe 3931 L 25000 -3/4


TVE Internacional Asia-Africa 4055 R 27500 -7/8
Canal Algérie
Tele Congo
France 24 Français
France 24 English
2M Monde


Syria Satellite Channel 4179 R 27500 -7/8
Yemen TV
Abu Dhabi TV Europe
Oman TV Satellite
Saudi Arabian TV 1
Qatar TV
Sharjah TV
Sudan TV
Jamahirya Satellite Channel


Available channels on KU band NSS 7

LC2 International 11051 V 30000 -3/4
Direct 8 11551 V 30000 -3/4
STV 1 11611 V 3307 -2/3


Athlantic bird @ 7 deg west KU BAND BEAM



EUTELSAT W4 @ 36 deg east

Available free channels

F- Men 11747 H 27500 3/4












All Strong decoders with Model number SRT---- are recommended


Software patch for Africa SRT
All Strong Patch software
Strong receivers update



Hi i thank you for your great article
I am in mauritius, and i have canal satellite maurice
I would like to know if i can receive additional free channels like w9, or direct8 using their dish..i think its 80cm i think or 1m..
I have been told i can get free channels using 2-5 m dishes, but its very costly.
I tried to put the information you have put in teh article in my decoder settings , it did not work
The antenna is set on eutelsatw8 i think
can u please help me get more channels?
plz email me at mehdi708@gmail.com

calleb said...

thanx alot for your useful info,am an aspiring engineer of 19yrs about to start university.i would kindly like to know whether you can help me with
1.lnb type
2.single lnb freq
univerasl hi lnb freq
4.0/12volt switch
5.diseqc selection
6.lnb power
settings to view channels like canal+ and others in france or to view the the movie channels freom Arabia like mbc.thanx u can reach me on qrius@myself.com.PS.Am located in rwanda in central africa and hae been viewing sme channels using panamsat4 c and intelasat 906c

jelvis said...

hi every one i am out for help

obinna said...

How can i get new codes for stronge decoders?

Ami said...


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Geo Marius said...

Sorry all for not been able to respond to your comments. @ Football Maniac and Calleb, I am sure you must have gotten the info you needed by now. @ Obinna, sure you are from Nig, if you mean code for e.tv? E.tv in Nig was a piracy and has been stopped. @ Ami, I am interested; I'd contact you by E mail. @ Megee, L means Horizontal and R means vertical; I would also want to help you with more free channels; the most current is on Mpeg 4 at 28 deg east for Multi TV

Ben said...

I am in lagos i have strong decoder. Can i receive MBC4 and MBC2 on it tahnks

samoba said...

Hi I'm in Ghana and using a KU dish what are some of the fta news channels can i possibly receive .Can u also give me a list of all the channenls athat i can receive here in Ghana.thanks my email is joeaidus@yahoo.com

rick said...

Hi man Im Rick from Kenya I have the 2.5m dish technosat t-888 plus ultra receiver .I managed to receive some of the channels you listed but one that fell under

NTA Plus 12522 H 26657 -1/2
France 24 English

have failed to lock in what can i do?

Secondly, some channels are not marked whether they are vertical or horizontal but L or R what do thjs markings mean?

Thanks. rickmatico07@yahoo.com

Izoo said...

Hey man thanx a lot for the info but I want to know more about this stuff so if u dnt mind to link up with me it would be cool. nt email is sc.kabasia@gmail.com. I stay in Botswana

Efe said...

Great Blog, I really like it. well sorry to change the topic a little bit but it's necessary. Is it possible to to connect to the internet through these satellites. let me explain it more. I have a cable modem and a PC to connect to the net, but I don't know weather these satellites offers internet services, if they how can I connect. well was thinking since they can offer free satellites TVs they can still offer free internet services.
I need help from any body that can help. thanks in advance vicrony@gmail.com

Sibaly Elvis said...

Hi, i am from the island of Mauritius Indian Ocean and i would like to get help about how i can get the program of The truth of God broadcast from the First Church of our Lord jesus Christ U.S which is on broadcasted on T.V channels through a satellite link or channel as i know that on the west side of Africa they can get it. Thanks for your help.

Bernard Boateng said...

Thanks for the good works that you are doing.
Am in Ghana and using strong srt4669x decoder, please can you update me on how many channels I can get with this decoder. Thank you.

Bernard Boateng said...

Thanks for the good works that you are doing.
Am in Ghana and using strong srt4669x decoder, please can you update me on how many channels I can get with this decoder. Thank you. my email is bsquare82@gmail.com

Fei said...

what can i do to get all MBC channels,Oman tv, and trace tv.
I use a 6ft dish so which one is the best and the type of decoder.
you can Email me at; feialharoon05@live.com

Fei said...

what can i do to get all MBC channels,Oman tv, and trace tv.
I use a 6ft dish so which one is the best and the type of decoder.
you can Email me at; feialharoon05@live.com

ilham said...

Hi there
Thank you for your useful article. Could you please tel me How can i broadcast Tv channel by using C-Band or Ku-Band.As i planing to start my own station but I'm not sure which is the cheapest way to get to on-air. specially about affordable satellite provider

Thank you

william said...

pls ,l want to verify from u whether the channel eutsatw4 can be view with any of STR decoders .and also which particular size of ku dish will be able to track d free listed channel which u indicated it would preferable use by STR decodes.am waiting for codial response to my message.

DrStanley said...

Thank you for your useful article. Could you please tell me how can i broadcast TV channel by using C-Band or Ku-Band. As i am planning to start my own station but need the easiest and cheapest way to go about it.

Please reply to my email:

Thank you.

biodun said...

thanks 4 d good work.mbc1234 can be get best on which band c or ku nd their frequency.email @lightdeen1@yahoo.com.

dex said...

hie can u please explain to me how i can use c band and ku band on one dish. I have 1,8 dish connected to pas 7/10ku band can i be able to receive c band channel in the same position without moving the dish please reply to phillipdexy@yahoo.com


i need your help in this installation so i would love you to help me get it right. steptaiwo@gmail.com will be expecting your mail of help. my problem is getting the TP and SR frequency and symbol rate

ocean satellite said...

Thanks for the good works that you are doing.
Am in Ghana and using strong srt4669x decoder, please can you update me on how many channels I can get with this decoder. Thank you.

Free To Air Receivers

Victor Ndlovu said...

This is a useful site. More resources and information can be found at FreeTV4Africa

emmanuel sagoe said...

hi thanks alot but i have strong decoder srt4922 and i have dstv channel on it,please can u tell me which software to use to watch the scrambled or how to watch the scrambled channels free.please this is my email blaysamuel66@yahoo.com


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Judge Dawg said...

Thank you for your useful article. Could you please tell me how can i broadcast TV channel by using C-Band or Ku-Band. As i am planning to start my own station but need the easiest and cheapest way to go about it


Osumo Clement said...

please give me the frequencies and symbol rates of fta channels on nss12. those on Lyngsat and similar websites don't work. osumoclement@gmail.com

Sean Venter said...

Free to air channels available in South Africa:


Aerial installers said...

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M@kris said...

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Kostas Makris
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Ferdinand Aneke said...

I am not trying to receive signals, I am trying to broadcast our own signals. Our church wants to put her signals as a free to air channel on MyTV satellite TV channel. Does anyone have any ideas how we can go about this?

Geo Marius said...

Fedi.. the whole thing is quite costly. You have to keep like 30000 Dollars and you have the options of Satellite upload, I.P upload or sending a hard disk physically to the host in London.

jasmin jew said...

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asslam mahomed said...

hello, I have a decoder wiztech am using w3 but not out many channels The majority will be locked out who could help me what to do to get more channels .he are open 7 channels ... look forward to your response.

Herry jonson said...

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Rabiu Umaru said...

hello,please I have strong decoder 69xii how can I get Tele Sahel Niger?

Rabiu Umaru said...

Hello please I have strong decoder 4669xii and 1.8 dish how can I get Tele Sahel Niger?

Herry Johnson said...

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Emmanuel Nsubuga said...

Hi,you post very important info but did leave your email for communication!

Emmanuel Nsubuga said...

I meant you didn't leave your email!

Francis Pobi said...

Enter your comment...pls how do I nail Intelsat IS 20 @ 68.5 East in Ghana and the minimum dish size for Ku band.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Patrice Jimmy Ernest Aremo said...

What is the minimum dish size for Ku band Intelsat 68.5 East for me to set from Egypt.

Patrice Jimmy Ernest Aremo said...

I tried 100 cm dish but I fail to get the signal.

Patrice Jimmy Ernest Aremo said...

I tried 100 cm dish but I fail to get the signal.

Patrice Jimmy Ernest Aremo said...

What is the minimum dish size for Ku band Intelsat 68.5 East for me to set from Egypt.

Patrice Jimmy Ernest Aremo said...

What is the minimum dish size for Ku band Intelsat 68.5 East,for me to set from Egypt.

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